Never Leaving Neverland

Remember, you don’t have to be the same person you were a minute ago.

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Don’t ask me what my major is, m.j.a
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I don’t want to learn
about ancient
civilization and
the history of our
founding nations
I want to learn about
the source of
your fears
the people who have
both influenced
and broken you

I don’t want to study
the general,
human anatomy
I want to study the
outline of your body
the curve of your
arched back as the hairs
of your chest
brush against mine

I don’t want to find x or
memorize the
scientific terms of
the human bones
I want to find your
eyes in a
crowded place and
memorize all the
spots that you find

I want to learn every single
quirk about your existence
I want to know what
makes you cringe
or smile
or cry
I want to know why you
wake up so early
in the morning
and what your daily
routine is

And if I were given a grade
on everything that I
learned about you
I swear,
I’d be on the honour roll

One of the most freeing things I have ever heard (via firecannotkillabadwolf)

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You don’t have to be pretty like her. You can be pretty like you.


Sweet Disposition (The Temper Trap Cover)

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m.v., Advice to my future daughter, #2.   (via saintofsass)

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Don’t you dare
Shrink yourself
For someone else’s comfort -
Do not become small
For people who refuse to grow.


I literally crave affection. It’s not about sex. I crave somebody to cuddle with me, and to lay their head on my lap. I crave kisses, holding hands and running my thumb across theirs. Just looking at someone and thinking “how did I get this lucky”.

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